There are no labels in an agile team

by k

Not to sound too much like a cult follower but one of the things on the left that we value more is “individuals and interactions”.

Now before someone says “as a millennial, I don’t believe in labels” and laughs at me, let me preface that this is a thought piece and I have not yet implemented it in practice. I am hoping that writing out my thoughts will help me uncover the logical problems with my thought process and help enlighten me.

With that being said, lets jump into the topic. There are* no labels in an agile team.

*ok, well except there are labels

My thought is that there should not be a clear distinction between business, development, quality analysis, and whatever. Every team member should be able to contribute and create a pull request to any part of the system. We must evaluate every change and pull request on its own merit and distinct from the person who created it. Can we do that?